About company
The company Abrico was founded on 15th September of 1997. In the beginning the company was dealing with the orders for the food acetic acid production. In 1998 the production line was built and launched. Starting from 1999 the range of the output products was very much expanded. Today under the trademarks "Abrico" and "Granny's" we produce the following goods:
natural vinegars, acetic acid and catering vinegar
See the product range
See the product range
Natural vinegars "Abrico" are aimed at a wide range of consumers. "Abrico" vinegars are produced in a polyethylene bottle with the bulk 0,25 and 0,5 l. Those are apple, wine and spirit vinegars, "For barbeque" vinegars and vinegar "For salad".

Acetic acid "Abrico" is produced in a glass bottle 200grams. Catering vinegar is produced with the bulk 0,5 and 1liter.

berry-fruit conserves: jams, confitures, syrups, frayed berries, scarce berries jams, fruit butter, honey
Under the trademark Grannys("Granny's") the conserves, frayed berries, confitures and scarce berries jam are produced. These are the products, manufactured in the modern enterprise but with the same love and traditions like our grandmothers do it for their beloved grandchildren.
See the product range Conserves "Granny's" is produced according to the modern technology by means of boiling the fruit and berries in the sugar syrup in vacuum machines with the lowered boiling point, thus allowing to preserve most part of the vitamins and microelements that the fruit contain. About 600g of fresh fruit is used to produce 1kg of conserves.
See the product range Fruit and berries frayed with sugar "Granny's" are produced according to the original technology which doesn't allow long heating of the product, that preserves vitamins and microelements that fruit contain and also the natural flavor and scent of the fresh berries. The product contains not less than 50% of fruit and berries.
See the product range The scarce berries conserves "Granny's". There are such species of wild berries in Russia, the industrial picking of which is almost impossible or the prices for them are so high that they don't even get to the stores' counters. Because of their scarceness and healing power these "Granny's" gifts which are made by wild nature become real souvenirs.
See the product range These days confitures become more and more popular. Owing to short heat treatment the confiture keeps the flavor and the color of fresh fruit and berries, preserves most part of vitamins. This makes the confiture an incredibly delicious product and the low content of sugar also low-cal. Because of the dense consistence it doesn't spill on toasts and bakery, which is its huge advantage comparing to conserves while tea party. Extra confitures "Granny's" are famous for the high content of fruit - not less than 70%, low-cal, refined recipe and original exterior just like Grandma would make it for grandkids.

The wide range of production of different price segments is produced under the trademark Abrico ("Abrico")
See the product range "Abrico" syrups are produced on the basis of the concentrated fruit and berries juice with the addition of the big amount of sugar and small amount of water. Besides syrups are also enriched by the addition of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Abrico syrups may be used as a second helping for tea, as an ingredient for different meals like desserts, home bakery, sweet dressings and so on, besides mixed with water the syrups may be used as soft drinks.
See the product range Berries conserves - traditional Russian meal. There are no apple puree or artificial thickeners in our conserves - just natural components. The assortment consists of the most popular in central Russia fruit and berries, used for the conserves boiling.
See the product range See the product range Honey is one of the most incredible creations of the wild nature. First of all it is a biological product which contains moer than 500 (!) components necessary for our organisms. We produce honey in different kinds of packing (glass, plastic) and in different sizes so that every buyer could find the most suitable variant. We produce not only flower honey but also white honey, buckwheat honey and also flower honey with walnuts, filberts and almonds.
See the product range See the product range "Abrico" jams are produced by original technology, which allows to preserve the flavor and the scent of the fruit and berries in the final product. The consistence of our jams is ideal for smearing. Jams are perfectly suitable as ingredients of bakery and desserts, as dairy produce staff. Abrico jams are packed in glass jam-jars - ideal packing for everyday use.

"Abrico" jams in the doy-pack is a special offer for this product - low prices, light handy packing - wouldn't break and doesn't take much space. The pieces keep the shape perfectly and easily smear.

See the product range "Abrico" confitures are getting more and more popular these days. Due to the short heat treatment the confiture preserves the flavor and the color of fresh fruit and berries and most of the vitamins. Thanks to the thick consistence it doesn't spill on toasts and bakery which is an advantage while tea party comparing to conserves. "Abrico" extra confitures are special for its high fruit consistence - not less than 50%, the optimal packing volume for big family - 370gr and traditional favorite flavors of fruit and berries.
See the product range Keeping the traditions of "Abrico" conserves, which are made according to traditional recipe, not containing anything but ripe berries and sugar, "Abrico" Premium conserves besides the jar of the bigger volume also contain more fruit and berries and a little less of sugar.
Appetizers and dressings "Abrico"
See the product range Not boiled out species and dressings "Abrico" - are the unique food products for our country. Everyone tried the cold collation like horse radish appetizer and everyone knows what it tastes like. Someone made it home, someone bought at the market from old ladies. Today there is no need to make the laborious appetizers buying the different sized jars from the market hawkers.

Due to the specialized recipe and production technology, which allows to create in the industrial conditions the best taste properties of the home made intermediates, we preserved all the known advantages of the horse radish appetizers and sauces and also added to the well known product new taste nuances. We use the whole tomato with the seeds and peel which is a unique industrial pattern because in most cases the producers use the cheap processed tomato paste. Horse radish, garlic and greenery like basil, kinza, parsley are also used fresh.

See the product range Horse radish and mustard have always been considered originally Russian meals. Their healing power has been known for ages. Making these species for you we used the modern production technologies for keeping its health-giving properties and making the traditional taste of originally Russian food. Horse radish in the the doy-pack is a special offer for this product - low prices, light handy packing - wouldn't break and doesn't take much space.

Today there are about 150 people working in "Abrico" in Dzerzhinsk city. Modern automated equipment is used in the manufacturing, besides the multi-stage quality control is inculcated - from the raw material to the packing of the products.

The products of the company are presented in the stores of most big cities in Russia. We are one of the leading companies on the vinegar market and on the fruit and berries conserves market. The partners of our company are the biggest retailing networks like Dixie, Seventh Continent, Perekrestok, Ashan, Ramstor and others.

And in future we are going to strengthen our position as a dependable supplier of fruit and vegetables conserves and vinegars, we are going to research the market all the time and improve the range of out products. The new target that may appear while this will not be an insuperable barrier for us. On the contrary they make our staff constantly improve and be highly sufficient.

If you are interested in our company and want to collaborate, please contact us:
+7-8313-26-31-17, 26-00-36, 26-28-53 or e-mail: ofis@abrico.info